• Squishy products are PU foam items and cannot be flawless. They may have issues like dyeing, cracks, minor tears, indentations, and air holes, which are all normal phenomena.
  • All SINZ Squishy product designs are uniquely created and modeled by us. If you find products on the market claiming to be “SINZ products” with color deviations or differences in size and shape, they are likely counterfeit. Please contact us, and we will appreciate your report and take legal action against the infringers.
  • Keep Squishies away from children to avoid the risk of accidental ingestion.
  • Official SINZ promotional channels include:Official Website: http://www.sinzsquishy.comOfficial XiaoHongShu: SINZ Squishy

    Official Instagram: sinz_squishy

    Wholesale XiaoHongShu: 保鮮砂糖


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