What is Squishy?

The English name is Squishy. In Mainland China, it’s commonly referred to as “slow rebound toy,” and in Taiwan, it’s known as “soft soft” or “squeeze fun toy.”

Squishy is made from a type of plastic foam that inflates. Its shape can be changed by squeezing or pressing, but it will automatically re-inflate and slowly return to its original shape.

It’s not just a toy for children; it has also become a stress-relieving, therapeutic toy for adults.

Squishy toys come in a variety of designs, not only providing stress relief and therapy but also serving as decorative items.

What is SINZ?

SINZ aims to achieve “high quality, high aesthetic value, and premium tactile experience,” striving to be sought after and loved by Squishy enthusiasts worldwide.

We hope to heal your heart and alleviate the stress and depressive emotions of modern life.